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The farm Il Cipresso is a company that over the years has changed.
Our family has grown since that our great grandfather Aristodemo has purchased the "Farm" back in 1918. Until the seventies the company was conducted with the workers who in exchange for housing and by half of agricultural production they worked the land (method called "Mezzadria"). Subsequently the farm was run directly by us.

In the past, the farm was still being cultivated by the work of Chianina cows whose strength was used to sow and reap the various products. It was very hard work.
The parcels of land, which here are very small, were exploited to the utmost also the wheat was sowed among olive trees.

Then came the tractors and the Chianina was gradually decreased until the end of their breeding.
In 1995
the company has been certified Organic production, in fact even before we have never made use of pesticides or other chemicals.

In 1972 the vineyards were planted about 10 acres, largely renewed in 2004.

Today the farm Il Cipresso consists of about 8 hectares of olive trees with about 2500 plants in production, 4 hectares of wineyard and 4 hectares of wood.

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