Organic Wildflowers honey Il Cipresso | Pot of 500 gr.
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Organic Wildflowers honey Il Cipresso

Organic wildflower honey Il Cipresso

Here is our Honey, it comes from the wildflower blooms of June and July, the flowers in the farm are mainly those from the grass that we have among the olive plants.
Honey to taste over lunch on a slice of crusty bread and butter, or to enjoy with the finest cheeses.
During the winter this honey tends to crystallize! Don't worry we are accustomed to seeing the liquid honey but in nature only wattle honey does not crystallize. For all the other honeys crystallization is a natural phenomenon which guarantees the authenticity of the product.
Today, however, since it is much more convenient to smear liquid honey instead of one solid, people  tend to treat all the honeys thermally until they dissolve after crystallization. These honeys have lost their nutritional quality with the heat, which are destroyed along with many perfumes which obviously are lost.
So don't worry if a honey that solidifies because it certainly proves that it has not been manipulated by man, and that it comes only from the work of bees!


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